Raw Vietnamese Film Lace frontal




Processing time- 7- 14 working days

This hair is like nothing you have experienced!

It has the most natural texture and appearance. It is full of body, movement, and OH SO much bounce.

Our Raw Vietnamese  will easily be mistaken for your real hair.

Each Raw Vietnamese piece is ethically collected from one donor. It is then cleaned, wefted, and delivered to us from directly from Vietnam. From there we sort the pieces, weigh our product, and perform further deep cleaning procedures. The hair is hand picked based on your order then delivered to you. Being that every bundle comes from a single donor, no two bundles are the same. We are offering a truly raw experience.

Imagine sitting in a room of 10 people with curly or wavy hair. You all may have curly hair, but everyone’s curl diameter, density, and luster will be different. This is the same as our product. Our Peruvian and Malaysian Hair is YSL or Louis Vuitton quality, this hair is Chanel and Hermes quality. (If you know you know.) Not to mention it will last a many years if given proper love and care.

As our Film lace frontals are very thin they must be treated with extra care. Clients are advised not to wear it as an everyday look, so it lasts longer.

colour- Natural 1b
Lace- transparent can be tinted darker to suit various skin tones

Lace size- 13×4

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Tip- Bleach the knots and further pluck this frontal to your liking for an even more natural look! When bleaching the knots on this frontal please do not leave unattended as the knots bleach very fast due to the high quality of the hair strands. Over bleaching may increase shedding


All of our frontals are made from transparent lace. Our frontals can be very easily tinted to suit darker complexions.

Additional information


Wavy, Straight


14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24

Lace colour



  1. Lola

    This Vietnamese hair is the best hair I’ve ever used.. pure luxury! Silky thick and bouncy. You’ll love it 😍

  2. Camille grazin

    Amazing quality literally no shedding

  3. Kerry drazill

    Love it 😊💕💕

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